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Descrizione di Indian Wedding Girl Arrange Marriage Game 1.0


Wedding is Most Important part of Life, So don’t miss the chance to invite all others to enjoy the event and stay in their prayers.

Welcome to our new game Indian ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Wedding.It’s defining all information regarding an Indian wedding program like as view of Invitation, Engagement, Hand mehndi, Hand ornament, Leg mehndi, Spa, Makeup, Dress up, Girl haldi view, Boy haldi view, Boy dressup view, Phera,Mandap view, Gajra view, Car and Doli decoration view etc.

Engagement is very popular tradition in India before marriage.Mehndi or Mehendi is a Art and it’s also a tradition in Indian Culture.

It’s a game as fun for Kids. And it’s also representing the tradition of India.


In this part we are describing a chatting theme between Groom and Bride. How to commute them before engagement and wedding. How to introduces themselves.


According to Indian tradition, rings are exchanged between the groom and bride in this program.


According to Indian tradition, Groom and Bride give invitation to them relatives and friends to come and join marriage ceremony. .


Every girl want to become look as a gorgeous in her wedding. So what can she do for looks as special to other persons. She goes to parlor for taking makeup her face.


Mehndi is representing to happiness & moment of enjoy. Mehndi is a form of body art from Ancient India, in which decorative designs are created on a person’s body. Applying mehndi to the bride and groom before the wedding is one of the oldest Indian traditions. In every ceremony Indian woman’s makes mehndi in her hands and feet.


Few days before, A haldi ceremony organize on bride and groom home. Haldi is using for skin glow.

Turmeric –

For hundreds of years, people around the world have linked turmeric to healing properties and cosmetic benefits.


Indian bridal uses 16 items in makeup on himself marriage. These items are known as SolahShringar of the bride.

Gajra :

When a girl ready for her marriage. At the time, Bride use Gajra in her hairs. Gajar is using for look as a beauty. In this game we are representing two types of Gajra small and Long.


In Hindu religion, bride wears red dress in the wedding programe. This dress is know as a lehenga. Bride looks as a princess in the red dress.

In this game we are representing the moments of wedding with Engagement, Mehndi, dressup, makeup, etc ceremony.

Phera&Mandap :

Mandap is important part of marriage. Because that place Groom and Bride pray to god for leaves together for next seven births. Phera is also a part of marriage. Phera means promises. When groom and bride round the fire, they give some promises to each other. Peoples pray to god for love and live long relation between them.

Car and DoliDecoration :

After the wedding ceremony, Groom and Bride will go home by personal and special car. So we are introducing the car designs also in this Game.


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Every effort has been taken to make our best game for child with errorfree. However any Suggestion, Questions and Technical Support to improve this game is welcome in this regard. Contact us 24 into 7 at [email protected]</br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br>

Indian Wedding Girl Arrange Marriage Game 1.0


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